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Spring 2022 - SWDFT
(Austin TX)



Covid-19 Postponed it again!

To protect our attendees, have decided to cancel this year's SWDFT conference. We are excited with the rollout of the vaccine this year, we will restart the SWDFT in 2022.

We are hoping to be able to host the SVDFT conference later this year in the San Jose CA area. We are watching the CDC reports closely. You can find out more about that conference at www.svdft.com.

We encourage everyone to help fight the pandemic by wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, washing your hands, and getting the vaccine when you are able. Together we can work towards returning back to normal.

Tutorial May 2022

Conference Day May 2022

Event Description

This will be the 17th annual SWDFT conference in the spring of 2022. SWDFT is a FREE two day DFT & Test conference held in beautiful Austin Texas. Come enjoy the weather, the people, and lots of fun in Austin!

SWDFT is a little different than most of the typical industry conferences and symposiums. This conference is FREE to attend, honest! More focused on practical solutions and knowledge sharing, SWDFT invites industry leaders to present working solutions that can be applied to today and tomorrows problems.

The first day is the FREE tutorial taught by industry experts. The second day is the main conference day with a mix of invited speakers who are experts on DFT and Test related technical topics. We end the conference day with a panel discussion and happy hour combined.

Austin is a fun place to be for you and the family! Great local places for food, entertainment, and more! Austin is known as the music capitol for a good reason!

2019 SWDFT Highlights


SWDFT & Test Conference

  • Free for all Attendees

  • 2 Day Conference

  • Industry Experts as invited presenters

  • Great Networking

  • Practical Applications

  • Real World Examples

Featured Presentation

Bill Eklow

3D Test and ITRS