Dear Attendee,
Thank you for participating in the recent SWDFT Conference. We are very interested in hearing your opinion of the event in the interest of improving it for next year. If you don't mind, please let us know what you think by responding to our survey below.

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Thanks, Jim Johnson

~~ SouthWest DFT Conference Follow up Survey: ~~

Please respond with a rating of 1 - 5 (1 is best or highest, 5 is worst or lowest)

1. How do you rate the event overall? [1-5]
2. I found the event to be technically interesting to me personally. [1-5]
3. I found the event to be technically useful in my job. [1-5]
4. I found the event to be useful for meeting/networking with my peers. [1-5]
5. I will plan to participate/attend next year. [1-5]
6. I would recommend the event to my coworkers next year. [1-5]
7. How do you rank the location and site of the conference. [1-5]
8. Was the conference enjoyable and informative? [1-5]
9. Was the vendor booths interesting and informative? [1-5]
10. Was the presentations interesting and professional? [1-5]
11. Was the conference organized and professional? [1-5]
12. How can we improve the event next year? [10 words or less]

13. Topics I would like to see covered next time are: [10 words or less]

14. Classes you'd be interested in taking next year: [10 words or less]

15. Any additional comments? [10 words or less]

16. Name(optional)

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